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Self Measurement Form

Filling in a self measurement form is easy. For best results use a tape measure.

Jacket size- Most people know their jacket size i.e. 40 regular, 44 long, 48 short. If in doubt measure around your chest loosely and your arm from the top of your shoulder to your wrist.

Neck size- again most people know their neck size you can measure your neck but tape it at the base not the top.

Kilt Waist- Most times kilt waist size is larger than your trouser size. Measure your waist just above your navel and have the tape reasonably tight. 

Kilt length- This confuses most people. The average length is 24inches i.e. 5'9"  to 6'. 90% of men are either 23,24,or25 inches. Imagine a line drawn around your waist about an inch above your navel and drop the tape at right angles to the line and measure to about 1/3 cover of your knee cap, this is the length.

Shoe size- Please enter your normal shoe size. Let us know if using U.S. sizes.

Overall Height- This is important to us because it helps to confirm your other measurements.

Print- To print a copy of this form the best way is to right click over the image, select "save picture as" then print from saved destination.

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